Plan a relaxing New Moon evening tonight

It has been a tumltuous month. As we move into the New Moon phase tonight, refresh your energy with a relaxing evening at home.

The New Moon will be in Libra, which is the sign of balance and harmonious relationships. That is auspicious because Friday is a day associated with harmony, friendship and love. New Moons are good times to set intentions or goals for the weeks leading up to Halloween and the full moon.

However, the Mercury Retrograde will be in full swing and Pluto, Mars and Saturn may cause some tensions tonight. And it is the pandemic, after all. So you might need to be intentional about your relaxing evening tonight.

1. Take a warm bath with epsom salts and get into your favorite pyjamas.

2. Enjoy a light, delicious and healthful dinner. How does this sound? Cook pumpkin or butternut ravioli.  Saute some sage in butter and top ravioli with the sage butter and a little parmesan cheese. Serve with some steamed or sauteed fresh spinach (full of stress-reducing Vitamin B) with a squeeze of lemon juice and a hint of garlic (if desired). If you’d like to have dessert later, how about some mango sorbet (or your favorite flavor of sorbet).

Make a cup of chamomile herb tea, sleepy time or peppermint tea. Light a white or rose pink candle. Write down your intentions for the month in as much detail as you can. Maybe focus on one or two things you would really like to happen in your life. Fold up the paper and put it under (or near) the candle while you enjoy the rest of your evening.

3. Watch something sweet and nostalgic, like It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Or sweet and romantic, with a Halloween theme (it’s a MarVista one, so you know it’s going to be good!), such as  You Cast a Spell on Me (movie) – free on TubiTV (you don’t have to register to watch it).

You can also watch it for free on Amazon if you are a Prime member. Or rent October Sky

or High Spirits

on Amazon Prime Video.

4. If you’re not sleepy yet, or you didn’t feel like watching a movie, spend some time coloring, doing a crossword puzzle or other relaxing activity while listening to an ambient video.

5. Spend about ten minutes stretching out all your muscles, especially your calves and turn in early. Good night!

About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a mom, teacher, and blogger. Her blogs include Autumn in Virginia, Cool Yule Blog and You Can't Make This Stuff Up, among others. She is also the creator of "Living Well With Autism," an online resource for caregivers of children, teens, and adults with autism and related special needs.
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