Costume Idea: The Devil Inside

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Well, there certainly is a lot of sympathy for the devil these days.

Billy Eilish recently released her single, all the good girls go to hell.

When Netflix released Season 4 of Lucifer this year, it was its most watched original series.

Amazon Prime Video aired the angel/devil series, Good Omens, to critical acclaim.

In the The Good Place, a demon is seen as a sympathetic character who decides to help, instead of torment, his designated victims.

These shows address the concept of power, as well as good versus evil. Why the appeal? Well, life sometimes feels uncertain and frightening. When we watch shows about people fending off zombies, demons and devilish characters, we feel like we might have the ability to surmount some of the challenges we face that are truly frightening, such as random acts of violence.

So, You can dress like a devil for one night and raise a little hell without risking your mortal soul, for heaven’s sake.

Given that devilish characters are, pardon the pun, hot right now, what kind of woman chooses dress up as the devil on Halloween?

Well, like Billy suggested, “good girls!” Psychologists say people tend to select costumes that reflect the shadow side of their natures. Devils are all about self-serving power. So, women who choose to dress as a devil are most likely kind, giving people who sometimes fantasize about the freedom of life without responsibilities and moral imperatives. Perhaps they are a little codependent. Maybe they are a little low on the self-care level and imagine some unfettered hedonism would be fun once in a while.

And Halloween gives them a chance to act out that fantasy! Dressing up like a devil just once a year might even be a healthy thing for them to do. So, if you recognize yourself here, give in to temptation. Embrace your devil side for Halloween.


I searched Amazon for a woman’s devil costume that was kind of sexy but that offered enough coverage so that the neighbors wouldn’t talk about you the next day. (Oh, let them talk. It will be good for them to see another side of you!)

This one received positive reviews for flattering fit, comfort and quality, and it comes in a range of sizes, including plus size. I believe it was in the $30 – $40 range. If this is the look you want to pull off, and I think it’s a great one, then order your costume and accessories early to get your size.

I think a light body slimmer would be great underneath this form-fitting dress, and maybe a silicone strapless, backless bra, or for smaller bust sizes, the lighter adhesives. That way, you wouldn’t have any bra straps showing at the shoulders. I could see nude or black hose, or even nude with a little gold sparkle. I like these inexpensive shoes with it.

If you didn’t want to wear a wig, you could add red tips with a spray-on, 1-day dye, such as L’Oreal Colorista Spray. I tried the purple shade and it did show up on my dark brown hair.

One tip I read about wrinkles in costumes — these fabrics tend to be tough to iron (they can be damaged easily with heat) but they can also look wrinkled when taken out of the bag, and that’s not a good look. You can steam the wrinkles out if you have a steamer or hang it in the bathroom during a hot shower. You can also try using a damp cloth and an iron set on low heat.

Just don’t put it in the dryer! Ironically, that would be too much heat for your devil costume!

Welcome to Halloween Costume Week on Autumn in Virginia! Every day this week, I’ll be featuring a different costume inspiration! Please join us every day and share your costume ideas!

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