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Tips for lawn care in September

Happy Friday! I figure many of you will be working in your yards this weekend, so I thought I would share these lawn care tips from your friends at Merrifield Garden Center.

September is a good time to…

  • Repair those unsightly bare patches in your lawn by overseeding. How to: aerate the ground, put down seed, and topdress with compost.
  • Fertilize newly seeded lawns with seed-starting lawn food.
  • Fertilize established lawns with with lawn food.
  • You will want to fertilize your lawns 2 to 3 times between September and November.
  • Prevent winter weeds from germinating. How to: apply a weed preventer to your lawn if you are not putting down seed.

To learn more, read “Turf Tips: Seeding and Fertilizing Your Lawn.” And check back in October when I share some tips about dealing with fall leaves.


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