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Review: Alexandria Colonial Tours’ Original Ghost and Graveyard Tour

Alexandria Colonial Tours Guide

You know that Old Town Alexandria is historic.  But did you know that there are several ghost stories associated with Old Town?  Saturday night was warm and clear, so I spent $10 on the 9 p.m. Ghost and Graveyard Tour (I had just missed the 7:30 p.m. tour because of the wicked Old Town traffic – hint: allow yourself plenty of time to get there and find a parking space!)

The tour lasts a little over an hour, and I really enjoyed it, and would say it is definitely worth the money.  There are discounts for children but if you have an active child, I don’t know if they would enjoy it.  The costumed guide carries a candle-lit lantern and tells about six stories, and not all of them are about ghosts, although they are all interesting. She shared lots of historical facts about Alexandria in the colonial era, the social mores, and some of its more colorful citizens.  These are long stories and you stand in place for a fairly extended time, so I could imagine younger children like my son getting restless (although none did — there was a little girl in a stroller that seemed fine).  But the adults and older children seemed to enjoy the stories, as did I, and a couple of the ghost stories were truly g0ose-flesh inducing!  I don’t believe in ghosts, and even I was creeped out by the tales.

This would be a fun date night activity, or something to take out-of-town guests to.  Or you could just do it by yourself, as I did.  They do “abandon” you in a dark graveyard, as they say they will do, but it’s small and well-lit cemetery, and it’s easy to find your way back to the King Street area, just a couple of short blocks away.

They just seemed, well, kind of long and dark blocks — you know — after hearing all those ghost stories 🙂

Here’s the informational website.

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